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Golf Iron Brands Compared – Which one’s the best for a beginner?

A lot of beginner golfers are confused about golf brands. They don’t know which ones are worth their trust and money. With this post, i’ll be comparing Three Golf Brands  – Nike, Mizuno and Cobra. All of these are one of, if not the top manufacturers of golf irons in America. So by comparing them, i hope i can help you choose best irons for beginners in 2017. Let’s start with Nike :

When it comes to golf shoes or any other golf accessory – i always choose Nike. And even though they had Tiger Woods using their clubs, i have never considered buying Nike golf clubs before. But that has all changed now. I have gotten Nike irons as a present from my son few days ago, and i must say that these are the best golf irons i’ve ever used. People say Nike’s drivers are great as well, so i think i might consider buying from them in the future.

It’s winter, which is my least favorite season for playing golf outside, but i still wanted to try my new Nike irons out. Turns out, they’re amazing and my results are proof of that claim. These game improvement irons are just what i’ve been looking to buy for years. I’ve had high golf handicap and all golf clubs used to disappoint me. But if you are low handicapper, i can’t guarantee that they will work for you.

It was really generous of my son to give me these for christmas, since these have been released very recently, therefore they cost a lot.  But i can’t say it’s not worth it. New improved design and forgiveness just tops any other iron i’ve ever used.


Now let’s move on to Cobra. I’ve had experience with their irons before, when i had left my clubs at home and my friend gave me her Cobra irons as a temporary replacement. Baffler golf iron set, which i had used, is one of the best iron sets for women. Cobra decided to add hybrids to the set, and removed few of the long irons from the set. One could argue that hybrid – iron combo is better, but in my opinion, there is no big difference, except for price of newest golf clubs, which cost like two times as much as the previous model. But it’s worth noting that their design is also somewhat updated, so it’s still promising and worth trying out.


And last, but my favorite golf iron brand – Mizuno. As far as i know, Mizuno specializes in making the best game improvement irons on market, but their products are not always beginner friendly. Mizuno’s main customers are experienced golfers who need the best irons they can get their hands on. But they had made exception and made Mizuno JPX 850 which seems like very beginner friendly for me. Still, it might not be the best iron set for beginners, but it’s a decent set with reasonable price, which is why i considered it to be worth mentioning in this tutorial. Today i didn’t have chance to review and compare other great golf iron manufacturers such as Callaway or TaylorMade, but i will say that both are very good golf club brands that deserve at least honorable mention.

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