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best driver for beginners – how to pick one

Golf drivers and generally, golf clubs are changing at fastest speeds now more than ever. Newest technologies are introduced every year, and major golf companies are constantly tweaking and improving golf club designs to meet their customers’ demands. But all this come with the price, and you might wonder – is it worth it? should beginners pay hundreds of dollars for latest golf clubs, or buy something cheaper and few years older?

I’ve even heard some people saying that the days when driver was most important golf club in your club set is long gone. They say that today, irons and woods are the ones that matter. But i don’t agree, and neither do most golfers i know. Even though golf club designs have greatly improved over the course of last few years, i think drivers are more important than ever, and i’m going to argue why.

As stated before, golf club companies release all these new golf clubs with tweaks in golf club head design, but i don’t think it’s really necessary to buy latest release golf driver. First, it’s expensive, and second, unless you’re a professional golfer, you don’t need to spend hundreds on golf club that is pretty much the same as the one from year ago, but costs twice as much.

Because of countless golf club releases, it’s become hard for starter golfers to choose best driver for beginners. They are confused about swing, handicap and all these golf terms, and sometimes they make mistake that costs them hundreds of dollars. They buy a golf driver that is too advanced for their level and they end up not being able to use it. Thing is, there are specific golf drivers made for beginners, and therefore, you should do your research first before buying any club.
You can’t just buy the most expensive golf driver and assume that it will be the best for you. If you do, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money. In the golf world, high price isn’t the same as high quality.

I can’t exactly tell you which are the best drivers for beginners, and especially for personally you, because i don’t know what your height, handicap or golf swing is. And choosing the best driver depends on all of those characteristics. I recommend asking someone experienced in golf to help you choose driver for yourself, or just browse Amazon and read what other customers have to say about the driver, and how does their characteristics compare to yours.

It also depends whether you are a junior, woman, older person or a man. There are custom golf clubs made for kids who are just starting to play golf, and same goes for women and seniors. Men also need to make sure that their height complies with the driver’s length. Don’t trust sales people in golf stores though – they will try to make you spend as much as possible. Take someone you know and trust, and is experienced in golf, to retail store with you to help you pick best golf driver for beginners.